MA graduate degree in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation

Key facts:

2-year program, 120 ECTS ‚

- Possibility to study at least 2 semesters (2nd year) abroad and work remotely ‚

- Total tuition fee for the program: 4455 EUR

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The Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (TGDT) is an interdisciplinary study program that covers several fields from finance, economics, technology and innovation to governance and public-sector innovation and has a strong focus on case-study-based and practical learning. It brings together some of the globally most renowned scholars of innovation and governance – Carlota Perez, Erik S. Reinert, Wolfgang Drechsler, Jan A. Kregel, Robert Krimmer and others – who offer students a coherent set of skills for understanding and managing technological changes and digital transformations in technology- and innovation-oriented private- and public-sector organizations as well as in international bodies. The focus of the program is on understanding digital technologies as the key driver of public and private-sector developments across the world, and how to make sure that digitization brings about sustainable and green growth and development.

The TGDT program is suitable for those interested in understanding:

1) the heterodox perspectives of economic development processes, i.e. systems of innovation, evolutionary, post-Keynesian and other heterodox perspectives;

2) the dynamics of social and technological innovation and the role of different actors (entrepreneurs, large and small companies, citizens/users, governments) in these dynamics and in steering the directions of innovation;

3) the meaning and management of digital transformations, and its impact on economy, society and government 

Admission: Students are encouraged to apply on a rolling basis. Application deadlines for the MA program: 10 April for non-EU candidates, 1 May for EU and countries who do not need visa to enter Estonia.  

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