Aliine Lotman

Title: Better Policies, Less Waste: Policy Optimisation for Reduced Food Loss and Waste

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler 

Opponent: Prof. Dr. Rainer Kattel

Defense: 8 June 2018


Abstract: Preventing the generation of food loss and waste (FLW) is widely considered one of the key factors of achieving a sustainable food value chain, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary strains on natural resources. The thesis at hand looks at FLW in Estonia and proposes that its prevention and reduction policies and food hygiene policies and marketing standards need not be in collision, or less so than the current situation suggests. In doing so, it relies on using a Pareto Optimality in Policy Analysis framework. While analysing FLW reduction and food hygiene policies and marketing standards in the EU (and, correspondingly, in Estonia), it suggests a course of action for improving policies of both objectives and their implementation in a Pareto-Optimal way. Best Practice policies are introduced and policy recommendations given.


Keywords: Estonia, Food Loss, Food Waste, Waste Prevention, Sustainability, Food Safety, Policy, Pareto Optimality