Amelia Shiyevina Abdool

Title: Digital Transformation in Secondary Education: A Case Study of ICT Usage in Georgetown Guyana

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Robert Krimmer

Opponent: Kadi Maria Vooglaid, MA

Defense: 7 June 2019


Abstract: The importance of educational technology and its use are becoming a standard in the conventional classroom, and the rapid pace of technological change in education itself has made it difficult for instructors to keep up with ICT integration in teaching. This study focuses on digital transformation in education and key ICT patterns as well as synchronization between ICT and instruction for academic improvement. Digital transformation trends in education have been used as a conceptual framework to determine whether the use of ICT tools and/or resources has, through an exploratory case study, transformed secondary education in Georgetown Guyana. This research also focused on teachers' awareness of the usefulness and use of ICT tools, as well as other factors such as the ability to use ICT tools, the purpose of use, and so on. By using an online survey and interviews, participants generated data primarily aimed at gathering teachers' views and opinions on their experiences of teaching using ICT. The findings revealed that secondary education in Georgetown is on the path to digital transformation due in part to the strong drive of the government to integrate ICT into the national education system, and the use of ICT tools and teaching resources by secondary teachers.


Keywords: Digital transformation, ICT, education, e-learning, capabilities, technology diffusion and adoption