Ayesha Noor

Title: User Satisfaction and User Behavior of e-Governance Services in Pakistan: Does Youth Drive Acceptance of Technology?

Supervisor: Dr. Shobhit Shakya

Opponent: Pauline Baudens

Defense: 21 August 2023


Abstract: E-governance is claimed to becoming more important in public administration as it offers better efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement. However, the success of e-governance depends on user satisfaction and their continued usage. The study will investigate the factors of user satisfaction and how it influences the adoption and usage of e-governance services in developing countries through the case study of youth in Pakistan. The concept of focusing on user-satisfaction and studying user behavior in e Government services is relatively new to Pakistan, further considering it to target youth population and we study how under the light of this research; we can find meaningful relationship from user-satisfaction, trust, Behavior intention and user behavior that Pakistani youth is influencing the technology acceptance. Methodology used in the paper is a hybrid of questionnaire survey and interviews which were aimed at youth in Pakistan. Quantitative part of the study was used to confirm and further take the findings of quantitative part of the research. Total number of respondents were 102 for quantitative research part and 4 for qualitative research part. This thesis uses case study method to discover a strong connection between the variables being examined, and all the relationships leading to youth leading the acceptance of technological services in public sphere were confirmed, indicating a significant relationship between them. Usersatisfaction will lead to behavior intention of using those e-government services and platforms by youth in Pakistan and trust has a direct impact on user satisfaction in this context. All of this leads to youth building an environment of technology accepting citizens.


Keywords: User-Satisfaction, Trust, Behavioral intention, User behavior, Youth, egovernance in Pakistan, acceptance of technology