Giorgi Gagoshidze

Title: 'State and governance in Nietzsche and Robakidze'

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler

Opponent: Dr. Illimar Ploom

Defense: 27 January 2014


Abstract: The current thesis deals with Friedrich Nietzsche’s and Grigol Robakidze’s understandings of the State, their views will be compared and analyzed. The thesis researches the influence of Nietzsche upon Robakidze and explores what the important factors are that make Robakidze’s views on the State different from Nietzsche’s. The paper reveals that Nietzsche has negative attitudes towards the State while Robakidze stays positive and supportive. The current research looks into the reasons why Robakidze is not influenced by Nietzsche in terms of the State although he follows him in many other ideas and what causes this contradiction. The potential importance of this paper lays in the analysis of how Nietzsche’s philosophy can take another shape when it is practiced in a different environment, in the current case: in the context of Georgia.

Keywords: Nietzsche, Robakidze, State.