Hille Hinsberg

Title: Data Governance in Digital Health Care: Enablers and Capabilities

Supervisor: Dr. Veiko Lember, Kerli Onno, MA

Opponent: Gerli Märtmaa-Aavik, MA

Defense: 18 January 2023


Abstract: This study centres on data management capabilities of health technology providers in Europe. The research reflects current practices in their data governance to indicate the organizations´ potential to absorb the impact of proposed data regulations. European Health Data Space initiative and other recent data-related regulations aim to enhance the use and exchange of health related data on the European scale. Better data governance is instrumental in adopting, upscaling and transferring technological solutions to foster the development of digital and data-intensive health and care services. The study brings new knowledge to define which data management capabilities, i.e. set of skills, routines and resources that lead to enhanced data use and interoperability.


Keywords: Data governance, health technology, innovation capacity, data management capabilities, data-related regulations