Irina Ispas

Title: Principle of Military Innovation as an Upgrade to the Army Concept: Differences, Similarities an Lessons. A Case Study of Israel and Estonia

Supervisor: Illimar Ploom, PhD

Opponents: Anthony Lawrence, PhD; Veljo Raide, MA.

Defense: 7 June 2019


Abstract: The current thesis provides a distinct outlook and overview on the concept of military innovation by analysing how and to what extent the military doctrines can have an impact on it. The main point of this research paper relies on the fact that the innovation in the military sphere is defined differently than in any other sector. Coming from that, the author uses the four theoretical models developed by Barry Posen. These models provide framework and prediction towards the initiation of innovation within a country’s defence forces. Based on this, the armed forces of Estonia and Israel are taken as case studies to analyse the innovation within the doctrines and see how the innovation principle is seen by these two armies. The main hypothesis states that Estonian Defence Forces can be improved and become more effective by studying the doctrines of Israel’s military and by looking for ways to adapt some of its elements.


Keywords: defence forces, Israel, Estonia, military doctrines, military innovation models.