Jiaxin Mu

Title: The Effects of E-governance on Urban Economy: Case Study of Qingdao, China

Supervisor: Shobhit Shakya, MSc 

Opponent: Ralf-Martin Soe, PhD

Defense: 8 June 2018


Abstract: The purpose of this article is to study the effects of e-governance on the urban economy, taking Qingdao as an example. Currently, e-governance is one of the most important areas of information technology. Initiatives in e-governance have been claimed to improve work efficiency and productivity in addition to the quality of public services through the means of information technology and networked environment. The quality of public services by modern information technology and network environment is also improved. Through the method of case studies, the article combines local archives and interview surveys to analyze and process the data to demonstrate the impact of e-governance on the urban economy from three aspects: e-government, e-commerce, and e-payment.


Keywords: effects, e-governance, economy, Qingdao, China, e-government, e-commerce, e-payment