Jonathan Brough

Title: ‘An Examination into how web technology can help promote civic education’

Supervisor: Dr. Vasilis Kostakis

Opponent: Dr. Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt

Defense: 7 June 2012

Abstract: This paper presents a model to show how emerging technologies have led to changes in how the news industry prioritises enabling greater participation and promoting civic education. It is suggested that though the internet has allowed greater participation, more can be done to educate news consumers. A classification was carried out to determine how web technologies enable news consumers to progress from locating and understanding facts about a news issue through to evaluating the effectiveness of news reporting. It was determined that though many services have failed to find economically viable business models, innovative uses of web technology are still being discovered, which news services can use to educate the public.

Keywords: web technologies, media, civic education, Bloom's taxonomy.