Jörgen Martin

Title: Exploring Smart City Governance Factors: Comparison of Vienna, Amsterdam and Helsinki

Supervisor: Piret Tõnurist, PhD 

Opponent: Ralf-Martin Soe, PhD

Defense: 23 January 2019


Abstract: The aim of the thesis is to gain a better understanding of the governance factors that influence city`s success in becoming smart and having successful smart city projects. The main focus of the paper lies on the empirical research to better understand the city administration`s impact on the smart city ecosystem – specifically, how the city creates the former. For that, the thesis asks the following question: which factors are essential in different smart city governance models for effective smart city solutions? Deriving from the analysis of Vienna Smart City, Amsterdam Smart City and Helsinki Smart City, the thesis identifies the most emphasised innovation dimensions in different governance models and finds that the factors essential for effective smart city solutions differ from each other and depend on the approach the governments take. The data is gathered from academic articles published in scientific journals, academic reports, government reports and strategies and non-scientific articles published on online sources.


Keywords: Smart City, governance factors, governance models, Veinna, Amsterdam, Helsinki