Maidul Islam

Title: Student housing as a talent management issue: the case of international students in Estonia

Supervisor: Jaanus Müür, MA

Opponent: Kaidi-Kerli Kärner, MA

Defense: 19 January 2021


Abstract: This thesis paper intends to provide information and knowledge on talent management and challenges in Estonia regarding housing or accommodation. Housing in Estonia is mostly considered a private issue: with many international students have problems getting affordable housing in Estonia and it is likely that not as much focus has been put on housing compared to other small states. It seems that the theoretical literature distinguishes several types of talent policy: attracting foreign talent, attracting the diaspora and building, or educating its national talent pool. Here the author emphasizes attracting foreign talent management and challenges based on housing. As a methodology author undertakes a single case study analysis to understand the insight of housing challenges as a part of the talent management strategy that is to be attentive towards. The research presented in this thesis will help government, nongovernmental organization as well as university administrators navigate housing challenges and provide effective support to foreign international talent while they are pursuing their degree in Estonia.


Keywords: Talent management, Attracting foreign talents, International students, Student housing