Merita Rathinam

Title: US Government’s Role In Deployment Of The Mass Production Revolution

Supervisor: Alekos Pantazis, MSc

Opponent: Prof. Carlota Perez

Defense: 22 January 2020


Abstract: This paper explores the pivotal role played by the US government, after the World War II, from 1945 till 1970, in the deployment of the mass production revolution. This explorative study is done within the Perez’s theory of great surges of development, as a historical analysis. Particularly the initiatives taken and policy choices made by the US government, favoring suburbanization, and its resulting effect on the economic development and prosperity of America is examined. It is found through the analysis of the policies, that the policy choices were oriented towards the suburbanization development, thus deploying the mass production paradigm. Also, it is found that suburbanization, through the various developments, in and around it, had aided unleashing the economic prosperity of America. In conclusion, this paper insists the importance of government’s role in deployment of a techno economic paradigm, by showing a positive benefiting direction to all the stakeholders and participants of the deployment.


Keywords: USA, Suburbanisation, Technological Revolution, Government’s Role, Deployment, Mass production revolution.