Mihkel Randrüüt

Title: ‘Supranational Innovation Systems: Exploring a Concept of the EU Innovation Policy in 2009’

Supervisor: Dr. Tarmo Kalvet, Senior Research Fellow

Opponent: Prof. Dr. Rainer Kattel

Defense: 14 June 2010

Abstract: This thesis explores the transferability of innovation system concept from nation state level to supranational stage. The framework for looking of supranational innovation systems (SNIS) is developed and brought out the most important characteristics of the system. The systemic failures, functions and challenges and benefits of supranational level are looked at. The SNIS concept is then applied to looking at the EU policy framework in 2009. Normative policy documents form the period 2006-2009 are analyzed to determine the scope of the policy, functions of policy actions and the limits of responsibilities. This thesis reaches conclusion that innovation system concept is applicable to the supranational level. EU fulfills the criteria of SNIS delegation of powers, systemic functions and level of activities. Additionality to systemic failures of institutions, infrastructure, interaction and capabilities EU practices bring out the failure of national innovation systems as a systemic failure for supranational level toward policy know-how diffusion activities are proposed. The effectiveness and efficiency of the SNIS are not covered and need further research.

Keywords: supranational innovation systems, systemic failures, European innovation policy