Mikheil Skhiereli

Title: ‘Technological Catch-Up in the FDI Led Economic Development Environment’

Supervisor: Dr. Tarmo Kalvet, Senior Research Fellow

Opponent: Riaz Tayob, MA

Defense: 13 June 2011

Abstract: Presented Master's Thesis covers the issues of technological development with the assistance of foreign direct investments (FDI), taking into account the importance of technology for economic growth and development of particular country, also perspective of productive deployment of technologies possessed by Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) for the technological advancement of the host country. In the light of necessity of the State Policy for the technological catch-up, based on the case study of Georgia, the paper argues non-acceptance of the existence of three isolated islands in the form of MNCs, indigenous industry and the state and the need of the "tectonic" changes to unite these three islands into mainland for the economic development of the host country. 

Keywords: foreign direct investments, technologies, multi-national corporations, innovation policy.