Nata Jokhadze

Title: Implementation of Interoperability of EU Information Systems in the Justice and Home Affairs Domain. Challenges and Opportunities

Supervisor: Dr. Aleksandrs Cepilovs

Opponent: Carsten Schmidt, RNI project expert

Defense: 5 June 2020


Abstract: During the recent years, one of the key things that assisted EU in protection of external borders, mitigating threats and terrorist attacks by increasing internal security was an efficient information management system. Currently there is a need for implementation of interoperability throughout EU-level information systems to exchange and share the information between different agencies and Member States. This thesis focuses on challenges, impacts and opportunities brought by the implementation of interoperability to eu-LISA systems (VIS, SIS II, EURODAC, EES, ETIAS and ECRIS-TCN) and the effect they might have on ordinary citizens, EU institutions and Member States. The results are obtained through literature review of online documents, reports provided by eu-LISA and an interview with Executive Director of eu-LISA – Krum Garkov. Findings identified six key challenges and opportunities that arise during the implementation. Opportunities revolve around new systems being open to the Internet, law enforcement guards being able to access interoperability systems via mobile phones, creation of new information architecture, improvement of information access and the efficiency of services, while providing EU institutions with access to the information from the interoperable systems. Identified challenges included the need of business processes to be redesigned, tight timeline with developments happening in parallel and the need to improve capacity building/training.


Keywords: Interoperability, Implementation, New Information Architecture, eu-LISA, Member States.