Olamide Ogunsolu

Title: Technological Transformation of the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria: An Antidote for Economic Recession

Supervisor: Salah Chafik, MA; Prof. Dr. Erik S. Reinert

Opponent: Christos Giotitsas, PhD

Defense: 19 January 2021


Abstract: Nigeria is presently in a state of an economic recession caused by a decline in oil price. Various scholars and researchers have embarked on research journeys to find a viable way out of the recession. The most recent solution provided by these scholars and researchers is the adoption of digital technologies to transform the agricultural sector which will lead to an increase in economic growth and consequently serve as a means to mitigate economic recession. The belief is that, since agricultural performance has been linked to economic growth in Nigeria for over a decade, then a technological advancement of the agricultural sector will not only lead to an increase in economic growth in Nigeria but serve as a means out of the current recession. This thesis, therefore, attempts to investigate the effect of digital technologies on the agricultural sector in Nigeria and to examine the possible impact of a digitalized agricultural sector in revamping the economy of Nigeria. The research method used in this study is the exploratory research method and a case study research design which made use of a qualitative method of analysis to generate findings and provide analysis. The result and findings of the study shows that, agreeably there is a likelihood of a technological transformed agricultural sector in to increase domestic economic activity in Nigeria. However, it cannot solve the issue of recession and neither is it a sustainable solution.


Keywords: Technological transformation, digital technologies, recession, agricultural sector, Keynesian theory, economic growth