Sandra Metsis


Supervisor: Dr. Veiko Lember

Opponent: Dr. Amirouche Moktefi

Defense: 17 August 2020


Abstract: The potential value of data has been an intriguing topic for decades, digital platforms have made their way to redefine the collaborative relationships and the importance of collaboration between sectors to provide value to the wider public cannot be underestimated. Cross-sectoral data collaboration platforms might have the potential to present a dynamic and comprehensive collaboration framework that enables realizing the data for the public good. Yet, there is a lack of knowledge on how to organize cross-sectoral platforms that strive to create public value from data. This thesis aims to fill the gap by creating a theoretical framework consisting of elements of collaboration, platform and data value creation. The framework will be validated through exploring success-factors of the real-life collaborative data platforms with different scopes. The research results in presenting the factors enabling data collaboration platforms development and the public value creation, which could ease the strategic planning of future cross-sectoral data collaboration initiatives and realizing the potential of data.


Keywords: cross-sectoral collaboration, data exchange, public value creation, platforms