Siri Kim Krautter

Title: 'E-Government at the Interface of the Public and Private Sector: Business Process Re-engineering for Handling Death Cases in Saarbrücken'

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Robert Krimmer

Opponent: Dirk-Hinnerk Fischer, MA

Defense: 25 January 2016


Abstract: This paper deals with the administration of cases of deceased in Saarbrücken, Germany. Private institutions which are involved in the public administration of those deaths are mainly communicating with public institutions on paper. Two processes are designed which facilitate electronic solutions to improve data exchange between the institutions. These two process are evaluated by the private institutions. The first process is based on a readily available web application that would not significantly change the current workflow and the second one is designed as a completely new process based on customer wishes. The paper was written in cooperation with eGo-Saar, an administrative union for E-Government in Germany, with the aim to provide a tool for decision making on whether this project is feasible at this point in time.

Keywords: E-Government, Case Study, Business Process Re-engineering, Deceased, Digitalisation, Saarland, Germany