Unggul Sagena

Title: 'Success Factors of Science and Technology Parks Development in Indonesia'

Supervisor: Dr. Tarmo Kalvet

Opponent: Rauno Mäekivi, MA

Defense: 2 September 2016


Abstract: Development of Science & Technology Parks (STPs) is crucial to enhance economic development. Indonesia has established several STPs since 1970s. However, their performances are far from the desirable results. New phase of STPs development in Indonesia are the goal to reach “100 STPs” in 2019 by the Government of Indonesia (GoI). Lesson learned from various successful STPs and recipes for success is the utmost that Indonesia should learn to make STPs performance impactful to enhance economic development through innovation. Therefore, success factors of STPs development should be further theorized and organized into success factors model in local context. This thesis considers the inadequacy of existing theories of success factors of Science & Technology Parks in its contextual connection to developing countries, particularly in Indonesia. Boundaries and levels of factors and its state of urgency and importance which influence the performance of STPs in Indonesia are analysed using micro, meso and macro factor model as framework of analysis. Success factors set out by experts such as Commins & Rowe (2009), Mian, Dioutriaux and Corona (2007), Luger & Goldstein (2006), Wessner (2009), and Wasim (2014) should be enhanced by boundaries and levels of STPs success factors. Hence the adjusted model and implementation of STP success factors in Indonesia should add valuable insight for the future STPs performance in Indonesia.

Keywords: Success Factors, Science & Technology Parks, Indonesia.