Xinrui Wang

Title: Innovation Policies from the "Industry 4.0" Perspective: the Case of China

Supervisor: Dr. Egert Juuse; Ms. Olga Mikheeva, MA 

Opponent: Dirk-Hinnerks Fischer, MA

Defense: 8 June 2018


Abstract: After decades of rapid development, China has already established a complete and independent industrial system, which has effectively promoted the process of industrialization and modernization, significantly enhanced the overall national strength and secured China’s international position. In order to catch the current trend of “Industry 4.0” which was pioneered by Germany, China has put forward the “Made in China 2025” project in order for transforming and upgrading the current manufacturing industry. The current thesis presents the analysis of the “Made in China 2025” project. The results of the analysis indicate the likely consequences that the project would bring and the risk factors that may determine its final success. At the same time, several potential policy recommendations have been provided.


Keywords: Innovation Policy, “Industry 4.0”, China, Manufacturing Industry, “Made in China 2025”, Policy Analysis